Sheet Music Plus

Sheet Music Plus at the Harmony Road Music Store Harmony Road’s Music Store offers a large selection of sheet music for piano, guitar, string and other instruments. Inventory includes teaching methods, supplemental series, technique & theory as well as sheet music in all levels. Music styles include classical, jazz, blues, rags, show & movie tunes, and sacred. You will find these styles as well as music from popular artists in collections and in sheet music.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service. We strive to be flexible & responsive to your needs. We accept special orders. We order music weekly so that your wait for your music will be short (if our supplier has it in stock).

Teachers and students will find a complete collection of the Piano Solo Festival pieces required by The National Federation of Music Clubs. They are invited to play the pieces before purchasing them in order to make the best selection possible.

As well, Harmony Road has a good selection of musical accessories including Music Stands, Metronomes, Tuners, Pitch-Pipes, basic guitar strings, Ricco Basic Clarinet & Alto Sax reeds, music-themed jewelry, picture frames, coffee cups, music bags and Christmas ornaments.

Our small Instrument inventory includes harmonicas, tambourines, maracas, recorders, slide whistles, drum pads & sticks, triangles, shaker eggs, castanets, shaker bells and step bells.

In addition, you will find jewelry, greeting cards, altered journals, flower pins, scarves and hats made by local artists..

We also offer a special Music Teacher Discount.

Business Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 10:00am – 6:00pm Summers, Christmas and Spring Breaks
10:00am – 8:00pm when classes are in session
Friday and Saturday: 10:00am – 2:00pm

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