Special Summer Music Classes by Gordon Neal Herman

Introduction to Music Theory

4 1- hour classes, $75 per session
Dates: (session 1) July 11, 13, 18, & 20
(session 2) August 2, 4, 9, & 11
Time: 6PM for both sessions

Basic Music Theory

Target Audience: Students, age 10 or older, and parents who are learning basic music theory.

Topics include intervals, Circle of 5ths, building chords (triads), basic major and minor chord progressions, types of minor scales and modes.

Music Composition

4 1-hour classes, $75 per session
Date: August 2, 4,9,11
Time: 7PM

Learn Composing

Target Audience: Keyboard Musician, Piano level and adult students who want to learn composing. Ages 10 & above. Younger students by permission.

Students will learn to write and develop phrases, use motifs and add harmony to a phrase. They will also be introduced to simple forms, theme and variations. Students will apply their knowledge by creating an original composition.

Jazz Theory

4 1-hour classes, $75 per session
Date: July 11,13,18,20
Time: 7PM

Intermediate & above Piano Students

Target audience: Intermediate and above level piano students who are familiar with basic theory.

Jazz Fusion Ensembles Tools

Students will be introduced to the 60 chord system, the 5 principle 7th chords used in jazz; the diatonic and chromatic Circles of 5ths, the II-V-I progressions and variations, chord substitution, modes and variations.

Gordon Neal Herman
Gordon Neal Herman, B.A & M.A.

Mr. Herman earned his Bachelor in Music (Music History & Jazz Studies) from California State University and his Master of Music, Composition, from The University of Idaho. He is a music historian, educator, accompanist, arranger, conductor and composer. He is a classically trained pianist who also plays jazz, country and rock. He had performed as a soloist and as a member of a variety of groups.

Currently The Gordon Neal Herman Trio, performs at local venues.

Learn more about Mr. Herman at anothertimemusic.com.

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