Aron Bernstein Music Teacher

Aron Bernstein

Music Teacher Harmony Road Oregon

Aron joined Harmony Road Music Center of Oregon in March 2013.

He has been a certified Harmony Road instructor since 2006 when he moved to the Portland area and began teaching at the Westside Music School in Beaverton, Oregon. (The Westside Music School was established in 1988 by Jan Keyser, founder of Harmony Road Music Courses. It is currently owned and operated by Claudia Reinsch.)

Aron is a very skilled pianist, composer and piano teacher, developing all of these skills as an adult. Until age 19 he never read or played a note of music. He was self-taught for 4 years before earning a Bachelor of Music from San Francisco State University. During these years he became a skilled composer.

He is currently earning a Masters of Composing degree at Western Oregon University in Monmouth, Oregon. Aron’s goal is to teach music theory and composition as well as piano.

In addition to teaching the Harmony Road method, Aron has coached students participating in the Oregon Federation of Music Clubs annual Festival for several years.

Before coming to Oregon, Aron taught private piano lessons in the Bay Area for 11 years to students of all ages. He states that he improved as a teacher when he came to the Harmony Road method. “It affords children a very musical, experiential mode of learning that also puts a lot of emphasis on ear training.”

Aron Bernstein
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