Becky Podvent Music Teacher

Becky Podvent

Music Teacher Harmony Road Oregon

“Music has pretty much been my life and has proven to be rewarding in every way, and will continue to be. I can’t imagine life without it.”

Becky discovered Harmony Road Music Courses many years ago when two of her public school kindergartner students came to her class playing piano with both hands. She soon learned they were Harmony Road students. Shortly after that experience, she met the Jan Keyser, Harmony Road’s creator. As a classroom business partner, Jan spent time in Becky’s classroom and invited her to teach at the Harmony Road School on Sunnyside Road.

Becky’s first teaching experience with Harmony Road was creating and conducting music camps for 4-6 year old students. Her program is still being used by many Harmony Road schools. Throughout the years she has taught the Harmony Road, Young Musician, Keyboard Prep and Keyboard Musician curriculum.

Becky earned a BA in Music Education from Portland State University. She worked as a Music Specialist in the North Clackamas School District for 34 years, possibly teaching you or your children. At least half of that time she also taught a Harmony Road Music Center.

Becky’s first musical experience was learning to play the piano from her two older sisters before she began formal lessons in first grade. She also plays guitar, mandolin and recorder.

While country music is her favorite, Becky also enjoys Josh Groban’s performances and classical music. She is a member of her church choir and has served as a member of the worship team.

Becky says that her most rewarding musical experience was the seven years she sang with the Portland Symphonic Choir. She truly enjoyed the experience of performing with the Oregon Symphony.

Becky has been married for 37 years and is the mother of two adult children and grandmother of four. She is completely dedicated to her husband and family.

Becky Podvent music teacher
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