Carol Biel Music Teacher

Carol Biel

Music Teacher Harmony Road Oregon

Because of her busy schedule, Carol teaches only two classes a week at Harmony Road. She is qualified to teach, and has taught, all Harmony Road levels as well as classical piano. Her favorite class to teach is Young Musician. Teacher Irina Burkett observed Carol’s classes and describes her as a genius with this age group. Carol helped develop the Toddler curriculum, teaching it for a year or so before Jan Keyser put it into print.

Carol holds a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance & Pedagogy from the Drake University and a Master’s degree in Performance from Western Michigan University.

Carol moved to Portland in 1993 to live and teach at Harmony Road. She was enticed by her good friend, Molly Mendola, a Harmony Road teacher. “Carol, you will love it here!.” Shortly thereafter, Carol joined the faculty at Lewis & Clark College and has been teaching in both places ever since.

When not teaching, Carol enjoys listening to jazz, playing with the marimba band, Knock on Wood, and hiking. She also plays & gigs with the cover band, TR5. She has many memorable musical experiences: playing chamber music, concerts with her brother who plays cello; the Friends of Rain contemporary music ensemble at Lewis & Clark; and producing her own CD of solo piano arrangements.

Also a yogi, Carol released an instruction DVD of the program she developed in 2008. Tonal Yoga incorporates singing vocal sounds while holding yoga poses to open the chakras. She leads regular spiritual sound healing circles called Toning. Carol also loves to dance the Lindy Hop, eat curries and watch her favorite movies like Amelie, Chocolate & Ratatouille.

Carol Biel music teacher
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