Kathrina Bisceglia Music Teacher

Kathrina Bisceglia

Music Teacher Harmony Road Oregon

Kathrina’s talent for music was obvious from a young age.

Kathrina Bisceglia began music lessons at Harmony Roads Music Center in Oregon at age four, and continued to study piano there into her late teens. She participated in the Oregon Federations of Music Club's Junior Festival, always achieving high scores and glowing comments from the adjudicators. At the age of eight, Kathrina began classical violin lessons, and studied violin in addition to piano into her late teens. When Kathrina and her three sisters formed Whispering Roses, she began to explore the realm of Celtic fiddling. Kathrina has become a proficient Irish fiddler. She loves experiencing the variety in her musical life - playing in an orchestra for musical theater one day, and fiddling at a jam session the next. Kathrina’s talent on her instrument is shown in her ability to play lead, or create beautiful harmonies.

Kathrina Bisceglia is also a licensed massage therapist, practicing in Southeast Portland. Kathrina is passionate about helping people rejuvenate, recovery from injury, and reduce stress. Kathrina became a certified teacher for the Harmony Road Music Course in 2014, and her genuine love of children shows through her enthusiastic teaching. Kathrina is delighted to share the beautiful world of music with the kids, and looks forward to class every week.

Kathrina Bisceglia
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