Ms. Keiko Retires

After 30 years of teaching, Ms. Keiko retired in 2011 and returned to Japan. Ms. Keiko arrived in the United States in 1980 not knowing what was waiting for her. As certified Yamaha teacher, she connected with Jan Keyser, then a Yamaha Music School owner. Ms. Keiko worked for Jan for close to 30 years, and was there when Jan developed the Harmony Road Music Course curriculum that we know and love. Some even call her the heart of Harmony Road Music Center.

Ms. Keiko's Students and Multiple Gold Cups

Ms. Keiko will be greatly missed by her 100+ students, their parents and her co-teachers. She is the only music teacher most of her students have known. Ms Keiko tells us that her first piano teacher in Japan would not let her quit. She brought this same determination to her Harmony Road students and won’t let any of them quit just because she has retired.

Ms. Keiko Coached Students to Multiple Gold Cups

Ms. Keiko Coached Students to Multiple Gold Cups
Ms. Keiko has coached hundreds of students to perfection and multiple Gold Cups at the annual OFMC Festival. The picture to the left was taken of Ms. Keiko and a few of her students at the April 2011 Gold Cup Recital. Pictured are (left to right) David Jackson (1st Gold Cup), Amanda Dwornicki (2nd Gold Cup), Nicholas Granato (2nd Gold Cup), Ms Keiko, Emily Everson (3rd Gold Cup) and Emily Chow (4th Gold Cup). Each Gold Cup represents 3 or more years of Festival participation. (Emily expects to earn her 5th Gold Cup in 2012).
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