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The Music Teacher

Definition of teacher: one that teaches; especially : one whose occupation is to instruct
Synonyms: educationist [chiefly British], educator, instructor, pedagogue (also pedagog), preceptor, schoolteacher

To Teach:

  1. impart knowledge to somebody: to impart knowledge or skill to somebody by instruction or example
  2. give lessons in subject: to give lessons in or provide information about a subject
  3. give lessons to somebody: to give lessons to a person or animal

The Music Teachers at Harmony Road Oregon

The Harmony Road music lessons require the teacher to be well organized, creative, and compassionate. Besides having excellent musicianship skills, our instructors have been trained to offer age appropriate activities to all students in a dynamic group setting. Each music teacher must have a college music degree or equivalent training. In addition, teachers must be certified to teach the Harmony Road curriculum.

Our current teaching staff includes nine certified music teachers with over 175 years of accumulative experience. Our teachers have high expectations for their students and encourage each individuals' musical, emotional, and social growth in a positive learning environment.

Harmony Road Music teachers Portland

Music Teachers Portland Oregon

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