General Information Top

Classes Categories

Preparatory: Toddler Tunes 1 & 2, Tunes for Me, Music in Me, More Music in Me, More Music in Me Plus

Core: Harmony Road 1-4, Young Musician 1-4 and Keyboard Prep 1-3

Intermediate: Keyboard Musician 1-4

Piano 1-9: for graduates of Keyboard Musician 4. Other students may be placed in these classes by audition and/or teacher recommendation.

Class Size

Ideal class size is 4-8 students. If enrollment falls to 3 students, an established class will continue for the remainder of the semester. Your students may be asked to join a different class for next semester.

If enrollment falls to 2 students in Core and Intermediate classes, the classes will be automatically reduced to 40 minutes and will continue for the remainder of the semester. Students may be asked to join another class for the next semester.

If a Piano Level class enrollment falls to 2 students, the class members have the option of continuing at the semi-private rate OR reducing class length to 40-45 minutes OR transferring to another comparable class for the remainder of the semester.

Financial Top


Materials fees are due on or before the first class. Materials fees are not refundable.

Each student must have their own book. Part of your student’s learning occurs by completing activities in his/her book. A younger student may use an older sibling’s book – IF the book is in good condition and all writing can be thoroughly erased. When siblings are in the same class, they may share the CD and/or magnet board to reduce materials costs. Gently used books may be available at a reduced price.

Piano level students may use an older sibling’s materials. In lieu of an annual materials fee, there will be a $10.00 administrative charge. The student will be invoiced for non-shared materials.

Tuition (refer to Fee Schedule) Top

Tuition is assessed by the Semester for all classes and is not prorated for missed classes.

Tuition is due until the semester is paid in full.

Tuition will be prorated when a student enrolls after the second class of the semester.

Tuition will be prorated if a student takes a leave of absence.

Tuition will be prorated when a 2-week notice of withdrawal from school is given to the business office.

Payment Options (to be declared by the second class of the semester)

Single payment: A discount is offered for payment in full by the 2nd class. No discount is offered for payment after the second class.

Payment Plan: Equal monthly payments that are due at the first class of each month.

Sibling Tuition Discounts

The oldest family member enrolled will be charged the full tuition fee.

Discounts for 2nd & 3rd (or more) siblings are listed on the fee schedule.

NOTE: There is no sibling discount for Toddler Classes or for any class with 3 or fewer students

Miscellaneous Fees

Administrative Fee: A $10.00 fee will be assessed when PIANO level students are using an older siblings books. The student will be invoiced for new, non-shared materials.

Late Payment Fee: A $10.00 fee will be assessed if the monthly payment is not made by the 15th (no late fees assessed in September)

Returned Check Fee: $25.00

Costs of Collections: Will be assessed by Columbia Collection Service & are the responsibility of the debtor.

Collections Action

Accounts not paid in full when a student withdraws from class will be referred to Columbia Collection Service for Collections. All decisions regarding collection action are the sole responsibility of Judy Stanley, Owner of Harmony Road Music Center.

Class Policies & Expectations Top

Several factors contribute to your student’s successful learning experience.

  • Regular attendance.
  • A parent/adult engaged in the class.
  • Regular Home Practice.

Regular attendance is critical- attend every class, arrive on time & be ready to learn

Adult Participation is vital. We ask that you turn off or mute electronic devices so you can be fully engaged to help your student. You are your student’s coach during class and activity supervisor at home. During class, you help your student focus on the teacher and follow directions. Do not interpret instructions for your student or translate them to a different language. Do model classroom etiquette and guide your student in performing skills being taught during class Between classes, you reinforce class learning and supervise home activities.

Home Activities/Practice is required.

Students need to practice in order to accomplish learning goals. Regular practice will ensure that your student is prepared for the next class.

  • Practice - Minimum of 4 times/week
  • Preparatory Classes: 5-15 minutes
  • Core Classes: 15-20 minutes
  • Intermediate Classes: 20-30 minutes
  • Piano Level Classes: 30+ minutes

Missed Classes Top

  • Parent or caregiver notifies the business office that a student will miss a class by telephone (503-557-5151) OR email ( info@harmonyroadoregon.com ). You may text your teacher if he/she has requested a text notification.
  • Students are encouraged to attend another class of the same level to make-up their missed class. Your teacher will send homework by mail or email.
  • Families will be called by the teacher or the business office after the second consecutive missed class.
  • Tuition is not prorated for missed classes.

Leaves of Absence Top

A Leave of Absence is available for PLANNED consecutive absences of 3 or more classes. The leave must be arranged through the Business Office. Each LOA request will be reviewed by the Business Office in consultation with the student, family and teacher. Students taking a leave of absence may require private instruction to resume the class or may need to repeat a semester of study. Tuition may or may not be waived during a leave of absence.

Catch-Up Classes / Extra Instruction Top

This option is available for:

  1. Students returning to class after a leave of absence – no tuition paid during LOA.
  2. Students beginning instruction later than the second week of a semester and tuition is prorated.
  3. Students who desire extra instruction during the semester or during breaks.

It is the responsibility of the student or parent to schedule makeups/extra instruction.

Minimum Fees for 30-45 Minute Private Lesson with Teacher – payable to teacher:

HR – KM: $25.00; Piano 1-4: $30.00; Piano 5-10: $35.00

Withdrawal From the School Top

NOTE: UNLESS YOU officially withdraw your student from Harmony Road Music Center, your are expected to continue paying tuition.

If you are considering withdrawing your student, please consult with your teacher before making the decision. You and the teacher may be able to explore options to resolve issues.

Please note, however, that telling your student’s teacher that you are not returning does not meet the requirements of this policy.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to give the Business Office a TWO WEEK WRITTEN OR EMAIL NOTICE that you plan to withdraw your student. Whether or not your student attends the next two classes, you are obligated to pay for those classes.

Payment is expected for fees accrued between your students last class and two classes after we received notice of withdrawal.


  1. Parent gives the Business Office a written two-week notice that their student will withdraw from class.
  2. The two week notice is effective the day the Business Office receives notice of withdrawal.
  3. Parent will promptly pay any tuition due prior to the last class.
  4. If reasonable collections efforts fail, tuition unpaid at the time of the last class will be referred to Columbia Collection Service.

Rev. 10/25/18, reviewed 11/12/18

Each of us has two native languages.
Both are learned early...both stay with us for a lifetime.
One is music. This is why a music education is important

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