Sarah Bisceglia

Music Teacher Harmony Road Oregon

Sarah has been a teacher at Harmony Road, teaching all class levels, since 2006. After spending her student years at Harmony Road, it was a natural transition for Sarah to move to the role of a teacher of her favorite music program. Sarah also teaches group piano classes to students who have graduated from the Harmony Road program. She coaches many of them to successful annual Festival performances presented by the Oregon Federation of Music Clubs.

Sarah started learning music at age 4 when her mom took her to a Yamaha music class. Later that year, Sarah’s family joined Harmony Road Music School and have supported the school ever since. Classes at Harmony Road were the highlight of Sarah’s week as a child. She studied with Ms. Keiko through high school, earning nine consecutive superiors and four gold cups from the National Federation of Music Clubs. After graduating from Harmony Road, Sarah continued to study piano with various professional musicians in Portland and at Clackamas Community College.

Sarah and her sisters formed the Celtic band Whispering Roses and play regularly at coffee shops, churches and music festivals throughout the Northwest. Sarah plays piano in the band, sings and works with her sisters and their music coach to create their own arrangements. She feels that the skills she and her siblings learned in the group setting at Harmony Road have been invaluable in creating their own band. They have recorded three CDs: Journey Through The Highlands (2007), Drive the Cold Winter Away (2009), and Whatever Befall (2012).

Sarah also accompanies choirs, student violin recitals, Journey Theatre musicals, and plays regularly for church. She spent two years as the accompanist for the Clackamas Community Chamber Choir directed by Lonnie Cline.

Sarah enjoys learning about the history behind different composers and eras of music but she usually listens to Irish, Scottish and American folk music. At the piano she loves to play late Romantic era music by the likes of Debussy, Grieg and Ravel. When not doing something with music, you can find Sarah spending time with her family, reading, hiking, watching movies adapted from classic literature, or Irish folk dancing.

Sarah Bisceglia

Each of us has two native languages.
Both are learned early...both stay with us for a lifetime.
One is music. This is why a music education is important

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